Emoji Flipbook

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Emoji Flipbook is available to buy in increments of 6
Express your emotions with this hilarious flip book, perfect for warning everyone what to expect when they come near you. Each page is divided into four sections, each with a different icon, allowing you to tell everyone when you're moody, angry, happy or simply feel like an emoji poop. A brilliantly funny gift for yourself or someone who has a whirlwind of emotions.

GREAT OFFICE ACCESSORY - A humorous spiral flip book, perfect for placing on your desk in the office!

THE ULTIMATE GIFT BOOK - The perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas and any other time of the year.

Dimensions: 14 x 25 x 2 cm

FUN CONTENT - 50 pages full of entertaining emojis (like an emotional rollercoaster)

  • Depth : 25.00 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 14.00 cm
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