Big Boss Flip Book

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Does your boss think they’re god of the office? Sitting in their swivel chair hoping for another opportunity to delegate jobs to unwilling employees? Place this novelty flipbook on your desk or gift it to your big (headed) boss to determine their daily phrase before it even leaves their mouth! With 50 pages full of funny quotes that reflect most bosses, supervisors and managers thoughts, this flip book makes the perfect gift for a guilty boss, or long-suffering colleague on their Birthday, Promotion or Secret Santa at Christmas! (Just don’t tell your boss you went online shopping on company time…)


  • Depth : 25.00 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 14.00 cm


  • A BOOK FOR BIG BOSSES – This novelty flipbook is full of funny quotes perfect for bosses, supervisors or anyone in charge!
  • FULL OF BOSS QUOTES – With 50 pages on delegation, coffee, sarcasm and swivel chairs, there’s sure to be a quote that resembles your boss!
  • HILARIOUS DESK ACCESSORY – This cheeky flipbook has a fold out stand, so you can place it on your desk, your bosses’ desk… (Or anywhere you want really)
  • PERFECT OFFICE HUMOUR GIFT – Great for guilty bosses or long-suffering co-workers, this is the ultimate gift on Birthdays, Promotions and Secret Santa at Christmas!

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